Eat the World – Part 11

Week 43 – Paraguay – 6 December 2015

With the end of the year in sight, South America needs to get a move on. In order to see more of the continent, my Eat the World challenge has taken on a couple of extra countries in its final installment (suddenly the count by week won’t make a lot of sense).

This week’s addition to the menu came from Paraguay via a dish named Bori Bori. This recipe sounded fantastic and while my result certainly looks questionable, I promise its looks were deceiving (especially eating leftovers the next day).

Basically this dish involved cooking beef with bacon and vegetables until the meat was breakaway tender. The liquid from this cook then became the broth for the second major component – the dumplings. Made from cornmeal, parmesan, egg, butter and onion, these yellow fellas proved tricky to pull off. While in uncooked form they firmly held their shape, once boiling many of them came apart and made for quite a cloudy stock.

Altogether, the pulled beef and dumplings created something I don’t think entirely represented Bori Bori look wise. It went down well, though, so that’s all that matters.

Recipe available here.

43 Paraguay

Week 44 – Ecuador – 8 December 2015

So much garlic! This week Eat the World landed in Ecuador, where I decided to stick to basics and pull together a few staples to create a meal.

The meat was the main player: Fritada de Chancho. This is pork braised in orange and looots of garlic. Like the beef of bori bori last week, the pork was given plenty of time to soften (fall off the bone tender), before being washed in orange juice. This last step was supposed to provide a blackening of the meat (with all the sugar), but I may have added a little too much.

Alongside the pork, I served a cob of corn, avocado and South American coleslaw.

Recipe available here.

44 Ecuador

Week 45 – Cuba – 10 December 2015

Cuba’s addition was picked for its name: Mojo chicken. The magical charm of this dish – its mojo – is citrus, as the chicken is marinated overnight in lots of orange and lime. The chilli and citrus zest give the chicken a nice bite and tang respectively, and the meat went down well with some extra wedges of orange.

Together with the chicken, I served black beans – fried with red onion, garlic, cumin, vinegar and touch of sugar – atop rice and alongside corn on the cob.

Recipe available here.

45 Cuba

Week 46 – Jamaica – 12 December 2015

Mmm… Jerk marinade. I have consumed plenty of the stuff over the years, yet somehow never got around to making it myself.
“What Jamaican this week?” you ask? Jerk Fish! And served with one mighty brilliant salsa.

The beauty of jerk marinade is that despite the huge list of ingredients, there is only one instruction: blend. The recipe I used included chilli, garlic, ginger, onion, thyme, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, sugar, oil, vinegar, soy, orange, lime and the winning ingredient: dark rum! Once blended, the fish just bathed overnight.

For the salsa recipe, I again only had to combine ingredients, but the combo was spot on to accompany the fish. I consisted of diced banana and pineapple, mixed with chilli, coriander, red onion and lime juice. The lime and onion cut the sweetness of the fruit and it balanced beautifully.

To cook, the fish was thrown on the BBQ until charred and cooked through, then placed on rice with the salsa over the top. Fresh, healthy, clever and delish!

Recipes available here (salsa) and here (jerk marinade)

46 Jamaica

Week 47 – Mexico – 14 December 2015

I’ve been holding on to this one and while the wait was worth it. The wait was also entirely stupid – why did I not make this earlier!? A late addition from Love to Eat, this Mexican beef taco mix is the best!

First you brown your beef, then you slow cook it in passata, Worcestershire, tequila and all sorts of other goodies for three hours.

The meat falls apart, you add beans, and voila! Beef tacos ahoy!
My tacos incorporated sour cream with lime zest, carrot, red cabbage, capsicum, coriander and lime juice. But honestly, I could just have eaten a bowl of the mix. Yum.

47 Mexico

Week 48 – USA – 16 December 2015

I made it to North America for the final round of 2015’s Eat the World! Having travelled to the States in June, there were plenty of ideas floating around in my head for this final number. However, how could one go past an American classic: the hamburger.

This particular hamburger was a little different, though, as it was inspired by Brooklyn DuMont Burger’s “DuMac and Cheese”. Yes, it’s a hamburger with the greatest of sides served within it! Excessive? Of course it is!

No recipes required for this one – you make your burger how you like it and your mac and cheese to the highest level of cheesiness you can handle.

Served on a bun with arugula (yes, I’ll call it that this one time only), tomato and ketchup and served with a burger staple – the pickle! This was a heavenly evil way to finish things off.

48 USA

All eaten up, an end to 2015’s Eat the World

48 countries later (and 52 recipes if you include Festival of the Pizza), Eat the World has made it through a solid 12 months. As a bit of a recap, I’ve included a list of my favourites from the year below.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

00-12 Eat the World Final

Liam’s Eat the World top 10:
1. Week 18 – Iran – 17 May 2015 – Fesenjān
2. Week 36 – Ethiopia – 18 October 2015 – Doro Wat
3. Week 30 – Spain – 6 September 2015 – Rioja Chicken
4. Week 25 – Czech Republic/Hungary – 2 August 2015 – Goulash
5. Week 17 – Afghanistan – 10 May 2015 – Kabuli Palaw
6. Week 5 – Vietnam – 15 February 2015 – Banh Xeo
7. Week 46 – Jamaica – 12 December 2015 – Jerk Fish
8. Week 29 – Italy – 30 August 2015 – Gnocchi with figs and gorgonzola
9. Week 38 – South Africa – 1 November 2015 – Bobotie
10. Week 9 – Japan – 15 March 2015 – Sushi


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