The Basics @ Melbourne Festival – Foxtel Festival Hub, 14 October 2015

This was The Basics of new and old – politically driven in the lyrics of their new material, while continuing to wear their musical influences on their sleeve.

The set list was effectively divided between recent Basics songs and not-so-recent cover versions; everything from Split Enz, The Everly Brothers and Eric Bogle, with the crowd given the opportunity to offer up sheet music to any tune they liked (one offer resulting in some classic Farnsy).

The set thrived on good times, grooves and goofs, as always, with added passion in Kris’ fervent singing on tracks like ‘Time Poor’ and ‘Lucky Country’.

And having tried an in-the-round gig in January before this event, the trio proved the format’s merits: it was a far more inclusive experience for the crowd, both visually and in the general vibe.

With another hiatus on the horizon, this was a great Basics experience to add to the list, with Melbourne Festival’s Hub offering a unique and strictly limited musical environment.


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