Flight Facilities & MSO @ Melbourne Festival – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 17 October 2015

Flight Facilities got themselves a new band on Saturday. It may have just been for the night, but it was sure worth the effort.

A 60-strong Melbourne Symphony Orchestra lay the musical landscape for Flight Facilities’ mixing to soar over – a recreation that breathed new life and energy into a string of songs that have become Aussie favs over the last couple of years.

Fronting the huge stage of musicians was a revolving door of guest vocalists, who provided a string of highlights. From Kurt Kristen’s moves (showy meets hilarious), to Reggie Watts’ mimed impersonations (the violinist was impressed), through to the vocal talent (and effortlessness) of Katie Noonan, as well as the volume of the crowd accompanying Owl Eyes on ‘Crave You’ and ‘Clair de Lune’.

Between vocalists and throughout each performance the MSO shone, producing a terrific score across the entire suite. They kind of made you question what the pilot outfitted duo were actually doing at the back of class (ooh, contentious… not really).




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