Eves the Behavior @ Northcote Social Club, 13 September 2015

If this was her first headline show, then Eves the Behavior is going to be huge. Electronic beats backed a voice that was one moment dark and moody and the next gloriously soaring – a range her contemporaries would be envious of.

With little released material to her name, this still managed to become a full set without ever the feeling of filler. There was variety amongst the tracks and strategy in positioning the more popular numbers, including 2015 radio staples ‘TV’ and ‘Electrical’, as well as a tailored rendition of ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

In a twist on the usual “now for my solo”, Eves left the stage only to reappear alone at the back of the venue for one late number, shifting focus as much musically as she had physically. A simple quirk to the set, but clever nonetheless.

Eves’ vocal range, mood bending genre and variety of content are her definite strengths. This first headline performance was sold out for good reason and bodes extremely well for what comes next.


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