The Wombats @ Margaret Court Arena, 28 July 2015

The accents and expression of The Wombats are priceless and after hearing them on the radio throughout the years, I could easily just listen to them chat for an hour and a half. But their tunes are damn fun, too, and a minute into the floor rattling ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ I was more than ready for the solid set of rock and lyrical wit to come.

After the show, I read a review I wrote about the band in 2008. In comparison, I noticed that while the banter between the trio has lessened a little and their mascot and trivia have fallen by the wayside, the amusing and energetic vibe of the show at MCA last night – more than seven years on – was much the same as it was at their first Australian show at the HiFi Bar.

Murph’s voice may have been a little worse for wear after the festival weekend, but he still belted everything out with zealous delight. As for Tord, the guy was absolutely on fire, tearing around the stage to some seriously heavy bass lines and competing against the epic light show for best on ground.

The best thing was that The Wombats haven’t compromised anything, or looked for stadium tactics as they’ve grown. The set lists are longer, lights are brighter and there’s more room for both the band and fans, but they’ve remained true to their musical roots: clever lyrics and infectious hooks played with passionate, dorky and rockin’ energy.


Your Body Is a Weapon
Jump Into the Fog
Moving to New York
Greek Tragedy
Be Your Shadow
This Is Not a Party
Kill the Director
Little Miss Pipedream
Techno Fan
The English Summer
Give Me a Try
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Let’s Dance to Joy Division


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