Death Cab For Cutie @ 170 Russell, 26 July 2015

Death Cab certainly have it –maintaining genuine quality throughout serious quantity; dishing out favourite after favourite over a 23 song, two hour set. There was a level of predictability in elements: everyone knowing the band would depart for Ben to sing ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’, or that he would wiggle dance his way through an entire performance. But when you’re consistently good it brings people back.

And whilst you might get dumped, sacked and mugged in one afternoon and still be happier than the stereotypical Death Cab fan, the band actually bring a lot of fun to the stage, bringing an energy to each song in movement, goofing their way through technical difficulties and looking for galactic cocktails.

For me, it’s the construction of particular Death Cab songs that wins me over. Lyrically, ‘You Are a Tourist’ makes me nostalgic and ‘What Sarah Said’ devastates every time; but musically the progression of ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ and ‘Transatlanticism’ are unique beasts that grow, spread and absorb you. In this performance, each of these respectively ended the main set and encore with an intense energy from the stage and were easily my set highlights.

Set list:

No Room in Frame
Crooked Teeth
Black Sun
Doors Unlocked and Open
The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
Title and Registration
Codes and Keys
Little Wanderer
Company Calls
President of What?
You’ve Haunted Me All My Life
What Sarah Said
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
El Dorado
You Are a Tourist
The New Year
Soul Meets Body
I Will Possess Your Heart
Your Heart Is an Empty Room
A Movie Script Ending


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