2014 Music Quiz

I’ve put together the below quiz relating specifically to the world of music in 2014. There are two rounds. The first is general questions and the second is reworded band/artist names that have released albums in 2014. Feel free to steal, share and (obviously) have a go…

Answers follow the questions (no cheating).

Round 1

Content for 2014 awards may relate to music from 2013

  1. Who topped the Triple J Hottest 100 poll in January?
  2. Who released their eighth studio album this year, recorded across eight studios in the USA?
  3. What was the name of that album?
  4. Which pop star released an album named after the year she was born in?
  5. At this year’s Grammys, who took out best album?
  6. Based on the lyrics of a 2014 pop tune, where would you find George Ezra’s golden grand piano?
  7. Coldplay collaborated with which dance act on Sky Full of Stars from their album Ghost Stories?
  8. Lorde was given the duty of curating which movie soundtrack?
  9. And what was her song and the lead single from that soundtrack?
  10. It was announced that what festival would not go ahead next year?
  11. Who won best male artist at this year’s ARIA Awards?
  12. Splendour in the Grass this year hosted the Australian comeback of which US hip hop group?
  13. What was the main talking point surround Pharrell’s appearance at the Grammys this year?
  14. In his collaboration with Mark Ronson on Uptown Funk, which celebrity name does Bruno Mars drop in the first verse?
  15. Which Aussie rock legend lost a lengthy battle with breast cancer in April?
  16. Following her death, the Cancer Council NSW launched the breast cancer awareness project featuring Olivia Newton John, Megan Washington, Sarah McLeod, Katie Noonan and Sarah Blasko named what?
  17. Which veteran international performer played at the AFL Grand Final in September?
  18. What song was performed to cause Eddie McGuire to have a bit of a whinge?
  19. According to Lana Del Rey, what do people have down on the West Coast have?
  20. Whose album released this year most resembles where a pirate would find his treasure?
  21. What is Chet Faker’s real name?
  22. Which British headline act pulled out of Big Day Out in January?
  23. A BBC Music commercial featuring a bevy of big name musicians, including Brian Wilson, Dave Grohl, One Direction and Sam Smith, featured what famous Beach Boys song?
  24. What innovative (and apparently annoying) way did U2 release their latest album?
  25. What was the name of that album?
  26. An aggressive brain tumour took the life of which Aussie rocker in June?
  27. Having not released an album for 23 years, which rock outfit released their fifth studio album in April?
  28. The title of Lily Allen’s new album was a dig at which US performer?
  29. Kasabian released an album titled 48:13, which was a reference to what?
  30. Which song name drops MJ & Mariah, Nirvana & Aaliyah, R. Kelly & Mary Blige, TLC & Left Eye in its chorus?
  31. Which two performers – one a male jazz vocalist and the other a female pop star – collaborated on an album Cheek to Cheek?

Round 2

These are better to race people against (first one to figure it out…)

  1. Chilly International-Fighting-Conflict Children
  2. Faster-than-a-jog the expensive-gems
  3. Take-care-of the population
  4. Small fire-breather
  5. Frigid show
  6. The things-that-hold-trees-into-the-ground
  7. Where you’d go at work if you needed a band aid
  8. Deceased rodent
  9. One twelfth of a minute of the opposite of Winter
  10. The Red
  11. Bending-of-the-knees top-of-a-shark
  12. Not-Kath brazier
  13. The International Criminal Police Organization
  14. Triangle
  15. What an asthmatic would be without a puffer




Answers – Round 1

  1. Vance Joy
  2. Foo Fighters
  3. Sonic Highways
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  6. Budapest
  7. Avicii
  8. The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1
  9. Yellow Flicker Beat
  10. Big Day Out
  11. Dan Sultan
  12. Outkast
  13. His hat
  14. Michelle Pfeiffer
  15. Chrissy Amphlett
  16. I Touch Myself
  17. Tom Jones
  18. Delilah
  19. They got their icons, their silver starlets, their Queens of Saigons
  20. Ed Sheeran
  21. Nicholas James Murphy
  22. Blur
  23. God Only Knows
  24. It was released digitally to all iTunes Store customers at no cost
  25. Songs of Innocence
  26. Doc Neeson
  27. Pixies
  28. Kanye West
  29. The length of the album
  30. 90’s Music
  31. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Answers – Round 2

  1. Cold War Kids
  2. Run The Jewels
  3. Foster the People
  4. Little Dragon
  5. Coldplay
  6. The Roots
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Deadmau5
  9. 5 Seconds of Summer
  10. La Roux
  11. Neil Finn
  12. Kimbra
  13. Interpol
  14. Alt-J
  15. Weezer



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