Zagreb: Museum of Broken Relationships

047.1 MBR

Tired of history? Bored of artwork? Well Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships is bound to at least be your most unique museum visit in a while. The museum showcases just what its title suggests: a quirky exhibit of everyday items with significance to a couple’s broken relationship. The museum really has a collection of banal objects inside its walls, but it’s the stories about the object and relationship that spark an interest, not the object itself.

A woman donates four CDs of music to the museum; the only remaining evidence of her affair with a man 35 years her junior.

An axe, used to destroy a loved one’s belongings one piece per day after she ran away with her new girlfriend, hangs idly on the wall like a safety instrument.

A clock inscribed with “We broke up on Skype,” is complemented by a transcript of a dull conversation had on Skype text chat that bizarrely ends with an entirely out of the blue, “Oh, and I’m seeing someone,” and a fairly amusing reaction.

A watch sits encased, its pin having been pulled out to freeze the time at which “he” first said he loved her; a bitter reminder of the time in fact wasted on a failed relationship.

A love letter is glued to a mirror, shattered like the relic it is in an email age and displayed ornately in domed glass.

Yep, this museum is weird.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a wonderful insight into how people end up leaving or being left, with plenty more strange examples to take away, many of which will leave you truly puzzled. At 25 kuna (about 3.5 euro), the museum takes about 60 – 90 minutes to cover thoroughly; although, you could easily omit a few of the longer blurbs that (a) take themselves a bit too seriously and (b) often don’t make a lot of sense.


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