Hamburg: Turns out you can get a good coffee in Germany

I had in my mind that coffee in Germany was (a) fairly rubbish and (b) seriously pricey. The latter is a fair assessment, but if you pay right you’ll get an exceptional cup. And once you’ve done the conversion, chances are the coffee will end up being cheaper than M-Town prices, even if that is a horror in comparison to its Euro friends.

Here are four great coffee spots in Hamburg:

  1. Joe & The Juice Bleichenbrüke 9–11 – This place teetered on the fence between hipster (staff and soundtrack) and chain (layout and furniture). The coffee was easily the best in Hamburg, though.
  2. Elbgold KaffeeMühlenkamp 6a – The smell of this place will immediately convince you you’ve made the right choice. Built into an unassuming complex of old brick buildings, you’ll notice this one by the walls of coffee beans. Quite a bit out of the way, but worth the walk.
  3. Alem Do TejoMax-Brauer Allee 53 – Staying in Altona? Then this place would make a pretty good local. Portuguese inspired, the taste and price of an espresso will meet your expectations (if you haven’t been to Portugal – that is delicious and cheap!) Also, we visited this place twice, four days apart, and the owner remembered us and what we wanted to order!
  4. Laib & LiebeNeue Große Bergstaße 243 – Another Portuguese place in Altona. Again, the coffee prices demolish much of Hamburg’s coffee, the flavour is spot on and you can accompany you beverage with genuine Portuguese tarts. Best I’ve had outside of Portugal.


I have one further cafe suggestion; it’s not in Hamburg and it’s not exactly about the coffee. In Dresden, we came across a cafe called Kalter Hund. Literally, that means “cold dog” in German, but kalter hund itself is a German dessert similar to hedgehog slice. Regardless of the name, the window had a silhouette of a dachshund on it so who could really resist? We weren’t aware until entering, however, that there was actually a resident snaggie in the place! Stefan the sausage dog greeted us when we walked in and for the remainder of our visit he returned again and again for love and affection. He’d then make his way around the cafe to score more attention from each patron, before deciding popularity was tiring and heading to his couch for a lie down. After a while, he was back up and doing the rounds again – a gorgeous and obedient pup that truly made our day!

028 Kalter Hund


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