Toledo: Mr Miser – An extended review


In Toledo we stayed in a hostel immediately worrying to us as it appeared to be part of Hostelling International association, who I am convinced are breeding members of a cult and are strictly crapheads toward anyone who’s not a member. We quickly named the owner of the hostel Mr Miser. Why? Here are five reasons.

  1. Breakfast was included. What’s measly about that, you say? “Breakfast” was three, tiny, pre-packaged muffins – the kind most hostels would have in a bowl for snacks throughout the day. That was it and that was a bad start.

  2. There were advertised self catering facilities – very important to the budget traveller to save on having to buy all dinners out. These facilities consisted of two microwaves. There was what looked to be a more proper kitchen in a room labelled “staff room,” in which there was at the very least a kettle. However, the electric element to the kettle was kept locked in a draw…

  3. The place was really cold – it was winter after all. Guests were not given the controls to the split systems in the room – it took a great deal of time shivering in Mr Miser’s face to have him hand over the precious remote, and not for lack of asking either!

  4. Light was necessary as far as Mr Miser was concerned. The living room had several ceiling lights, but Mr Miser would quickly swoop to turn off any light beyond the first. (He was very sneaky.) He actually told people they had to sit right next to one another if they wanted any light. Mr Miser himself actually sat in the dark when working (I think he was working), only making himself known as you walked past and he reminded you what you weren’t allowed to do in your room…

  5. All taxes are to be stated and/or included in the advertised price in Spain. Not for Mr Miser, who simply decides upon guests’ checkout, somewhat ironically, to add an eight per cent service fee. For what service exactly, I’m yet to figure out. I did say he was sneaky.

This all sounds pretty petty, I know. But really, we were more amused by it all than anything else. A man who sits in the dark and jumps out at you to nitpick whatever it is you might be doing – sneaky weirdo, indeed.

Toledo, on the other hand, is AMAZING! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!


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