Lagos: Clifftop ramblin’

010 Lagos cliff

If you’re heading down south in Portugal, Lagos is a pretty decent choice to set up camp – it certainly wins against its bigger neighbouring destinations; Sagres (on the south west tip of the country and so sleepy it might just nap off the edge of Europe) and Faro (to the east, relatively pleasant but surrounded by murkiness).

The old town of Lagos is nice, but the real charm here is the coast, which includes an extensive cliff top trail that can caster for brief strolls, afternoon outings or full day hikes, depending on how far you want to go and, in several sections, whether you take the paved road, or choose to clamber and climb over some questionable path connections.

There are points along the trail at which you can make you way down to find some pretty cool caves, which are accessible for exploration at low tide. But while heading down is fun (who knows what you’ll find), the beauty of the trail is in the spectacular views along the way – both along the cliffs ahead and simply out to sea. If you plan to take the road back to town instead of backtracking, take many opportunities to look back in the first place, as the trail winds so you might miss a particularly nice view.

The best part of the Lagos cliff top trail is that anyone can hike, and you’ll see all ages along the way. Make sure to take plenty of water (it gets hot!), remember to look behind you (but not for too long, you don’t wanna fly) and enjoy!

012 Lagos cliff Liam 009 Off the face of the earth 008 Lagos cliff 011 Lagos cliff


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