Amsterdam: Now that’s a Dam fine coffee

ImageHere are five awesome spots for coffee in Amsterdam. Each is little, well priced and has its own cool character.

  1. Screaming Beans (Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 35). I like the image the name of this place provokes… Try the naked doppio – they appeared to prepare different blends for this coffee, but I’d put my money on the future cups being as good (and as strong) as the one I had. Super buzz time!
  2. De Koffie Salon (Utrechtsestraat 130-BG). This little old place with cool led light windows was a great find after the place we were looking for was closed (and actually quite scary/pretentious looking anyway). Possibly the nicest cappuccino we tried in the Dam.
  3. Hut Spot Coffee (Van Woustraat 4 – Upstairs). This place is super hipster, but the coffee was excellent and the decor was really cool. All the tables and chairs were completely mismatched (and all for sale as far as I could tell) and there were bikes on the walls. The shop downstairs is pretty interesting, too – lots of alternative (but pricey) gifty stuff.
  4. Puccini (Singel 184). Next to a mervelous chocolate shop, this place is easy and the coffee top-notch!
  5. Lidl (Tweede Helmersstraat 29). An insult to the four above, or the best self-service in Amsterdam? (You decide whether to take me seriously or not…)

And once you’re appropriately caffeinated, time to get some treaties into ya! My three favourites were:

  1. Poffertjes. We tried (among others) Amsterdamse Poffertjes. These guys must make an absolute fortune – the place sells consistently and a plate to share between two people is 4.50 euros. That said, they are EXCELLENT! Don’t hold back on the butter. Nothing beats these pofertjes.
  2. Oliebollen. We tried the waffle stand near the corner of Quellinstraat and Ferdinand Bolstraat (it’s fairly noticeable). This is a fried ball, like a donut, filled with apple pieces and currents and it is delicious. The donut itself isn’t sweet, so the warm fruit stands out and the icing sugar dusting makes a fun mess.
  3. Apple tart. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the place I tried my favourite apple tart in Amsterdam. Still, if you see this on the menu, give it a shot. Loads of apple layers, which are firmer and coupled with less pastry than a standard apple pie.

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